The GovCon Revenue Explosion Program

Did you start your company because you are GREAT at delivering your solution?

But is selling NOT your favorite activity?

Want your RESULTS to sell themselves?

Want to enable your own technical staff to create sales WITHOUT needing “relationships”?

And sell at prices that reflect the full value of your results?

Then discover the GovCon Revenue Explosion Program.

Get started by listening to or reading The GovCon Roadmap to Reliable Revenue.

To discover how to make this program happen in your company, listen to or read The GovCon Roadmap to Reliable Revenue. 

To download a copy click below.
Click here for a copy of The GovCon Roadmap to Reliable Revenue
The GovCon Revenue Explosion Program enables GovCon businesses to achieve dramatic revenue growth. 

Here’s recent feedback:

"I feel good every time you’re teaching us one of your lessons or classes because I feel like you’re taking us to the Promised Land.
Comment by Karl Oakley, End-to-End Computing's HR Director at the start of a Polster Consulting coaching session

“Dr. Polster’s a genius . . . You can build an opportunity pipeline, but pursuing those opportunities won't work if you don’t use the approach in his Roadmap.

"The Roadmap provides the missing piece about how to talk to government executives.

"My wife’s a federal employee so I get to run a lot of stuff by her, and she said that if someone came in and talked to her as explained in The Roadmap, she would be saying “Where do I sign up?””
Comment by Mark Dozier, CEO Critical Path Solutions, Inc.
Click here for a copy of The Roadmap